Why theunpopularmodel?

I just choose this blog name this year because I wanted something that represented myself. I want people to do a double take and wonder who is that? ‘It’s Faraji, let me see who is that?’

The modeling industry can be a cruel world to people and is often looked down upon due to the strict restrictions, lack of diversity, and a multitude of other reasons. Ironically these are the reasons I am working hard to become a professional model and break into the industry. Within the past decade, there have been so many models that have been breaking the stereotypes of modeling and really making a difference in the industry to pave the way for others who have a passion for the same thing.

Modeling is supposed to be a pure form of art and expressing oneself through a lens. Everyone is so unique and beautiful in their own way and that’s what I think modeling should be about too.

I love it, because it has taught me that I’m beautiful. I am strong. I am amazing, and everyone else is too.

Having others truly like you for being yourself is the most vulnerable a person can be.

Putting yourself out there for other people to judge is something so many people are terrified of.

No I’m not popular and maybe I don’t want to be. Because I love who I am and I love modeling.

No one else should have to fit a criteria or requirements to do something that they love.

Being a young African American model with imperfections isn’t the first image that pops up on Google when you search the word ‘model’. It is usually a white woman, with blue or green eyes, very slim, blond or brunette. But hey let’s remember a model can be ANYONE. Models are everywhere, and the industry should reflect their community, especially in America.

The modeling industry is slowly changing to an industry that really represent the unrepresented. I thought about changing my blog name because I’ve received criticism or backlash. But I’m not, I love my title and it really says who Faraji is, more than just a picture. A girl that is trying to break stereotypes.

My name is Faraji and this is my fashion blog and modeling portfolio. I hope you’d like to follow me on this journey I am putting myself through. My mission is break the stigma the world has on modeling, and to help others gain the confidence in themselves.

Faraji xoxo

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